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Thread: Keira Verga & Karla Carrillo

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    Keira Verga & Karla Carrillo

    Since these 2 are both in Mexico how about they get together for a hardcore shelesbian scene?

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    Great idea, lordworm!
    I will run it by them when I meet with them next week. I think it'll make a great video.

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    Oh, I'm glad you think so. To be honest I wasn't expecting a positive reply... >_>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Czarina View Post
    I will run it by them when I meet with them next week.
    Best job in the world ...... probably.

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    Any news on this?

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    Alessandra Blonde
    I would like to see this too

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    Keira Verga
    Hi everybody!
    YES, I intend on doing this, but I'm currently in school in Cancun, and haven't had a chance to meet with Karla Carrillo in Mexico City. She knows and is very interested in doing a couple of videos with me, but she hasn't been able to come down to Cancun either. First chance we get, we are planning on getting together and doing this.

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    thomas anderson
    i don`t really care for it

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