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Thread: Quick and Easy Sapphire Young Request - Existing Set

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    Quick and Easy Sapphire Young Request - Existing Set

    Hi, forum personnel; how goes it?

    Quick and easy favor for Sapphire's site. There is a 2014 Sapphire Young video which is a Valentines set. Sapphire is in a red bra and panties laying on the couch. She strips naked and the set ends with a guy jacking her off to make her cum. I stumbled onto this set on a couple of tube sites like youpxxn and xhxxster. Both appear to have been posted legally since there are banners promoting Sapphire's site on the posted sets. The irony is that this Valentines video is not in Sapphire's member's area. Can you post this video in the member's area, so I can stream it and download it for my Sapphire collection? I would appreciate it.

    Thanks for the time and consideration.

    Faithful Sapphire follower since 2010 dating back to her TWA days,

    Tony S.

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    I've noticed several vids that somebody has posted but they haven't been on the website.

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    From time to time Sapphire will ask to have a video pulled and then will put it back into the site later on. This must have been one of them for some reason or another.

    Sorry for my late reply but I get overly busy and just can not get by here as often as I would like.

    I will see if we can get that video back in if its not already in.


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