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02-15-2020, 07:19 PM
NAME: Afrika Kampos
NATIONALITY: Danish-Mexican
AGE: 24
COCK: 7.5 inches
Twitter: twitter.com/AfrikaKampos (https://twitter.com/AfrikaKampos)

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: AfrikaKampos.com (https://afrikakampos.com/tour/)


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: AfrikaKampos.com

Afrika Kampos is another one of the hot blond trans babes online. She is a natural born Mexican and as you can see, she is very white. Her hair is a natural dark blonde but she prefers it this whiter blonde color and I think we do as well. Afrika describes herself as being a putita. That translates to little slut more or less. And that is just the way we like our trans girls. Just a little slutty.

Afrika tends to stay close to home and does not really leave Mexico. That of course does not mean that you can not go and visit her. She is also always willing to make a hot hardcore movie with you so be ready for that type of action.

When asked what turns her on, Afrika replied Men! So get yourself ready and take her some place nice. Enjoy the time and then go back to the hotel and rock her world.

Afrika Kampos getting Naked

https://afrikakampos.com/hosted/12s.rippedjeans/photos/thumbs/7.jpg (https://afrikakampos.com/hosted/12s.rippedjeans/)
https://afrikakampos.com/hosted/12t.bluedress/photos/thumbs/5.jpg (https://afrikakampos.com/hosted/12t.bluedress/)

https://afrikakampos.com/hosted/12xxx.blackleather/photos/thumbs/4.jpg (https://afrikakampos.com/hosted/12xxx.blackleather/)
https://afrikakampos.com/hosted/13b.yellowbikini/photos/thumbs/6.jpg (https://afrikakampos.com/hosted/13b.yellowbikini/)