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02-26-2020, 11:44 AM
A wet dream by Sapphire Young.

Hello guys. I was asked to write out anything super hot that has happened to me and I get the feeling that this happened because I had been thinking about the topic for days. I was considering telling you about one of the photo shots and watching the photoG get hard as we worked. But thats not really as hot as what happened the other night. Hope this makes you as hot and hard as it made me.

It had been raining for about an hour and I was out shopping. You know, getting food for the house. Fruit and veggies. Chicken and fish. All of the regular stuff. I love to do the shopping actually as its time alone and time to see other people but not really need to talk to them. Just enjoy the faces, the eyes and the expressions. Of course I like everyone else often passes by someone who catches my attention. And yes it happened this day. Was getting some bananas and I guess maybe stroking them a little to much when I saw a rather attractive guy watching me. I still wonder if he watched because of the way I was dressed or because of the banana stroking. I like to think that it was both.

I was wearing a nice little t-shit that I love. It's old and super soft and a little worn. It actually has a hole or two at the hem but no biggie and nothing that anyone would usually notice. In retrospect I guess its a bit on the transparent side and seeing as how I was not wearing a bra, there is a chance it was my nipples that caught his attention. My shorts were longer than usual so my butt was covered and my cock was tucked nice and tight, so i am sure he could not see that. But he kept looking and that made my heart beat a little faster.

I also checked him out and thought he looked pretty good. He was tall with broad shoulders. Nice body but not really that muscular. He did seem to have a really nice ass and I think he actually caught me looking at it. I even think that he had a big package but I never really got a look. What was most intriguing about him was his mouth. He had nicely shaped lips. Full and firm looking but not hard. They looked super soft and ready to play with my cock. :) Yeah those lips got me excited.

As I walked by him he did manage to move his arm so that it would brush my shoulder, but I was already late and still had to run home in the rain. So I continued on and paid for what I was buying. As I stepped out of the market, I started to get wet right away. Of course now, my shirt was almost completely wet and transparent and I knew that he could see the round shape of my boobs. So I stopped when Is saw him looking at me and turned to face him. I also saw my reflection in the mirror and it almost looked like I was not wearing a shit. It actually made my cock twitch.

Finally getting home I was cold and needed to warm up so I took a nice hot shower. I will admit that my cock got hard as I took my clothes off. So once I was soapy I stroked it some. I had no intention of cumming though. I just wanted to feel it in my hand. Sliding in and out as I masturbated. After about 5 minutes of slowly stroking I rinsed off and got out of the shower. Then spent the next few hours cooking, cleaning and doing regular house things without another thought of those lips.

Near 11 pm I finally slipped between the sheets of my bed. The soft but perfect shape lips all but forgotten. It was finally time to sleep. As always I climbed into bed naked. I just can not sleep no matter what I try to wear. It was a dark and quiet night and I was happy for that. Some times my neighbors fight. Some times they fuck. When they fuck its nice to listen to, as I get hot and usually end up masturbating in time to their sex. But tonight it was quiet. Cloudy now but no rain, so no moon or stars. Just deep quiet.

I guess that I fell asleep really fast as I dont remember even moving. I was actually laying on my back. My boobies pointing up and my cock laying up against my tummy. The next thing I know. The man from the store is standing at the end of my bed. I dont recall why but my eyes had snapped open to find him there. I immediately reached for my sheet to pull it up but he reached down and grabbed it. Then made a shushing motion with his finger against his lips.

It was then that I let my eyes roam across his face and lips. Down his broad shoulders and chest. To his shorts where I could see his cock standing straight up and throbbing so hard. He already knew I was a trans girl. He could tell simply by my body being exposed the way it was. He smiled and reached a hand down to touch my toes. I jerked them back and he shushed me again. Then took my toes gently in his fingers and massaged them slowly. Caressing them as much as adding pressure. Watching him I knew he wanted me. That he needed to touch me. He kept adjusting his cock. I know the feeling when its so hard that it hurts.

He started to slowly move his hands over both of my feet. Being gentle but firm and slowly working his way up. I started to get hot and my cock started to thicken. That was when he kissed my toes for the first time. Honestly the sparks that shot up my legs made me lightheaded. I thought I was going to faint. But my cock hard other ideas. It got rock hard and started to throb in time to his kisses and hands. Then his tongue started to lick my toes and up my legs. I had not moved. I dont think i could if I had wanted to. It was like I was strapped to the bed some how.

As I lay there with these lisp and this tongue working its way up my body, I realized I had seen this man in town before. He has a wife or a girlfriend and they have ****. So I was wondering what he would do when he reached my cock. Being fully erect and throbbing he could clearly see it and was slowly moving up. Would he kiss and lick around it and move up to my boobies. Then finally my lips. If I got lucky pulling my legs up and penetrating my tight love hole like a lot of men do? Or would he touch my cock with his lips.

He was moving slwoly so I had a lot of time to think about what would happen. What path he would take. Would it be my love hole or my cock. This thiking only increased my ache and desire to shoot my load but I had to wait.

Once he reached the top of my thighs he moved slowly to my left. Licking and kissing my thigh and up my hip. Slowly around my cock. Crossing the top and moving down the opposite side. Right then I decided it would be my ass that got his hard throbbing tool. But I was going to make sure he did not penetrate me without a deep and soft kiss on my lips and mouth!

As he went down the opposite side I wondered how he would move back up. Most likely skipping that area and leaning forward to reach for my boobies. You can imagine my surpriose when I felt his tongue lick up the sack of my balls and only the shaft of my cock. The higher he got the more the pressure I had in my cock and the higher it moved. When his toungue touched the head of my cock I exploded shooting hot cum across my tummy and my boobs and over my right shoulder. At that same minute my eyes popped open and he was gone. The act of the kissing and licking and sucking had been only a dream.

But my orgasm was hard and continued for at least a minute and shot cum everywhere. I was covered in hot sticky milk and I needed more. Sadly when the dream vanished so did the guy.

I took a slow shower and masturbated again. I just needed to feel that tug on my cock. The cream was a lot less but it still made me feel better.

Maybe some day we can meet and you can do this for me in real life.

Hugs and kisses Sapphire.