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03-30-2020, 10:14 AM
NAME: Nina StrongHold
NATIONALITY: Asian-Mexican
AGE: 26
COCK: 5.5 inches
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: NinaStrongHold.com


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: NinaStrongHold.com
I am Nina Stronghold. I am a 26 year old transsexual, ready to rock your world! I really want to show you what genetic women simply can't because they lack some body parts. They also lack the essential sex appeal that is intrinsic to us, silicon-made women. So the next time you are thinking about getting off, think about a new type of woman that will make you cum harder than ever before. I am 100% passive so treat me like a lady. Kiss me and fuck my ass hard! I am thrilled to have you here, ready to explore my sexuality and enjoy my thousands of nude photos, videos and webcam shows! Go ahead, don't be shy, take a look around, I have lots to share with you!

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