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05-01-2020, 09:47 AM
Name: Naomi Chi
AGE: 26
COCK: 10.1 inches
Twitter: TSNaomiChi (https://twitter.com/TSNaomiChi)

Blog: Shemale Naomi Chi (https://www.shemalenaomichi.com)
Official Website: TSNaomiChi.com (https://join.tsnaomichi.com/track/NS4xLjM2LjM3LjExNi4wLjAuMC4w)


Official Website: TSNaomiChi.com (https://join.tsnaomichi.com/track/NS4xLjM2LjM3LjExNi4wLjAuMC4w)

So, you are interested in know more about the busty wonder doll Naomi Chi! Well here is just a little info we think you might find interesting! Yes Naomi is Mexican and she takes very good care of the way she looks. After all you would expect that from someone who is not only a Hair dresser but owns her own salon! Naomi Chi also travels to the US to Vegas on a regular basis to work as an escort. When asked why, she says she can never get or give enough cock. She is 100% versatile and will cum any way you can think of. Naomi extends an invitation to you right now to check out more of her photos and some of her movies below. Do not forget that this cock loving slut can never get enough sex and you are her to do list. See more of Naomi Chi now.

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05-08-2020, 10:12 AM
pretty, I made several movies with her :)