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05-04-2020, 06:09 PM
Well guys it looks like the story from our friend called First timer has started a thing. I got another email about a first timer but this guys happens to also have one of our girls in it. So, its Kind of hot.

I will post it in a couple of parts as he sends it. His name is Carlos and he says he will write it as fast as he can but he wants to share the details. So, Check it out and let us know what you think. Remember this could take a little while so be patient.

I wanted to share with you so you can post on the chat board about my meeting with one of your models. I just happened to recognize her when surfing the escort ads. Her name is Emperatriz Burgos on your site HungShemales.net.

So. Im on a working Vacation in Cancun Mexico in November. Its hot and sunny and Im enjoying my day at the beach. However, things were a bit slow. Even though thatís part of the high season I was not finding any of the type of girls that I like. I looked at the hotel of course and in about 8 different bars. Normally I am drawn to the Busty blonde TGirls. But I could not find anyone I was really interested in.
I was getting horny as hell and was having a hard time keeping my cock under control so I decided to look up some of the local talent on a website.

A lot of the girls on the site matched my criteria and I had my phone in my hand to call one blonde beauty when I noticed a photo that I had seen before. So of course, curiosity got the best of me and I clicked. I had to know who it was and why I recognized the photo. And BOOM! Emperatriz Burgos!!! I realized that having seen her on HungShemales, that I had to have her, just so I could say that I did. Whatsapp here I come. I sent the first message in English and then realized right away that she most likely could not read it. Of course, that got me thinking that this could be harder than I expected to hook up, but hell I was going to try no matter what!

So, I quickly translated it and sent it again. NOTHING! Errrr. Well was at the pool having a drink so no biggie. I decided to take a dip, grab another drink at the bar and just wait it out. That was at about 11am. By about 3 I had given up and went to my room and drop a load of hot cum right down the toilet. I was so bummed.

After that little let down, and feeling a lot liter in the ball sack I headed out to dinner at one of the places right in the resort. Ordered my drink and a steak. My drink arrived and just as I picked it up, my phone vibrated. That was Whatsapp for sure. I looked at it and to my surprise it was Emperatriz. She said she was available and also sent me a price. I know that was kind of forward but hell she and I both knew she was an escort and I would have to pay. I asked if she could come to my resort hotel. She said yes and gave me an eta of about 40 min. I decided off the top of my head to ask her if she would like dinner. She said yes then I asked her to dress in a knee length party dress. Slutty, and sexy, but not overboard! She replied See you soon! 44 minutes later my phone buzzed again. She had arrived and was in the Lobby. Because of the type of resort I was at I asked my waiter to have someone escort her to the dining room.

Let me say that when Emperatriz walked in, almost everything in the room stopped. She was standing in the door way waiting to be seated. I stood and watched her. She is actually small in stature, but her cocktail dress made her look amazing. She had just enough Cleavage showing. Long black hair. Perfect black heels and her lips were painted the perfect red.
Just watching her walk was a turn on. Her hips moved to make her dress swing from side to side and every man in the room was watching. I donít think any of them knew her secret though. Just me and that made it all the more, HOT!

She sat down next to me and smiled. Then sent me a text asking if I spoke Spanish. I replied that I did not. She said no problem if we needed, we could talk with the app. I agreed and called the waiter over. I asked her what she would like and she spoke directly to the waiter who then having a problem not looking at her cleavage, left the table to return with two more of the drinks that I had. She then asked if it was ok, that she had ordered the same thing I was having. From the meal to the drinks. I said yes.

When there is very little conversation and the idea of a good fuck hanging over the table, it does not take long to eat. Both if us enjoyed the meal as well as 3 more drinks each and I have to admit I was a little drunk when we finally left the building. As we stood to leave, Emperatriz again spoke with the waiter. I decided to take the long way back to my suite as I also wanted a few minutes to sober up. So we stopped at the pool and leaned on the rail over looking the beach and the ocean. Sadly the sun in Cancun sets on the opposite side of the hotel so the beach was dark except for the tiki lights.

We were standing shoulder to shoulder and looking at the waves. I reached over and turned her to face me. I did not think that she would kiss me so I was going to ask her. Most escorts of course do not kiss. But she leaned in and started kissing me before I could get my phone out. Her lips were amazingly soft. I did have to lean down a little because I am taller but the way she put her hands on my face and then gently slid them down to my shoulders let me know that she was enjoying herself. Our tongues touched and I could not only hear but feel the intake of her breath. Her perfect tits were pushed against me and they rose up with the inhale. I wanted so much to just shove my face into them but I also wanted to treat her like a lady.

After what felt like an hour but in reality was only a minute or so, our lips separated and she went back to standing on just her heels and not her toes. She smiled and seemed a bit shy, which was a real turn on.
With that I took her hand and we started walking towards my sweet. Now the nice thing about this hotel is that my suite was on the pool level. So it only took a few more minutes to enter the room from the pool deck.

Right as we entered I realized what Emperatriz had done when she spoke with the waiter the last time. Sitting next to the bed was a bottle of Whiskey like we had been drinking. Next to that was a huge bowl of Strawberries and two bigger bowls of cream. And this guys, is the real cream especially made for this desert. Not cheap. But perfect. As we entered the room I saw her smile. She walked across the room and took off her shoes and left them near the door. Then walking back she stopped at the strawberries and picked on up. Finally she walked up right in front of me and took a small bite out of the berry. Then pushed it down deep between her perfect tits and looked at me again. Not wanting to be the guy that disappoint a woman, I put my face down to start to grab it with my teeth. She instantly shoved my head down deep so that I was able to actually get the strawberry with my teeth. All the while she giggled and laughed.

When I stepped back, I was a bit embarrassed but it was actually exciting. I could tell and so could she that my cock hard started to stiffen. She caressed my cock through my pants then leaned in pressing her body against me and kissed me again. While she was kissing me, she took my right and guided it to her ass. But it did not stop there. She pulled harder on my and shoved it between her ass cheeks and my finger tips just brushed against the head of her cock. It was tucked way back but I could feel how big and was and how it was getting hard by the second.

I will send more of that nights story in just a day or two.

05-24-2020, 10:44 AM
Sorry about the delays guys but we have had some programming issues to deal with. I will add the rest of this story tomorrow by the end of the day.

05-28-2020, 10:09 AM
Emaptrize pulled the zipper down on her dress and wiggled so that it fell to the floor. This of course revealed her body. Her big tits sitting tightly bound in a black lace bra. Her big round ass sticking our with just her sexy lacy panties to try and hold it in. Her cock was shoved down between her legs but because it had started to stiffen I could see where the shaft was and how it was pushing her balls to one side and back as well. I leaned over and kissed her again and this time I caressed the lacy front of her panties. As she moaned, I worked my way up to kiss her tits and I also reached around and unsnapped her bra. It also fell away allowing me to suck on her nipples.
I am guessing that by the way she spread her feet apart that the ache in her cock had become too much. She needed to free it from her panties. Realizing that she wanted me to do this, I worked my way back down her body and used my teeth to grab the lace of her panties. I then pulled it while giving the shaft of her cock a nice little bite as well. Her breathing was increasing and she was enjoying the action more and more. By the time I have pulled her panties just past her cock it sprang out facing me and right next to my lips. So being the adventurous person I am, I gave it a quick bite on the head.

I helped her remove her panties but she did not take off her sexy heels. This meant that she was standing there completely naked. But her heels looked smoking hot so I asked her to keep them on. I kissed her hard body all the way back up and put my hands deep into her hair and kissed her. Feeling her tongue run across mine. The way her lips were hot, firm but soft. How her body pushed against me. I honestly don’t know what happened or how but the next thing I know Empatrize is on her knees in front of me. She has pulled my pants down and my freed my cock. It was so hard that it was throbbing and I looked down just in time to see her take my entire cock deep into her throat. I could feel the head of my rod slide back and hit the back of her throat. The natural curve then moved it downward and she lifted her body up and forward pushing my rod all the way in. Her teeth and nose touched my stomach and she pulled me in tight.
Now I have had a lot of girls suck my cock. But nothing ever like this. She was amazing. Her head started to move back and forth and up and down at the same time. It was like having my cock buried in a hot love hole and in some ways I guess that’s exactly what it was. I must admit that most women can not do to me with their mouth what she was doing. I almost shot my load three or four times and I had to keep stopping her. But I loved what she was doing so I let her continue. I am guessing this lasted for at least 40 minutes.
Yes by the end I was laying on the bed and she was kneeling on the floor but had not let go of my cock with her lips.

I was fully naked and my heart was racing when Empatrize got up on top of the bed with me. At first she just layed down next to me and caressed my body. Using her finger tips to stroke my cock gently. I had my eyes closed and was slowing my heart and mind so that I did not cum to fast. She kept touching me and kissing my neck and ears and then I felt her hands move away and her body as well. The next thing I knew she was sliding a condom down onto my cock. I knew what this meant and I was so ready for it. I heard the lube bottle snap closed and I watched her reach back and lube her love hole. Because she was kneeling on the bed I was able to reach back between her legs and gently slide a finger into her. She smiled down at me and said she was very ready for my cock. Then she moved over and straddled me. With a practiced hand she lifted my cock and slowly pushed down. I could feel the head penetrate her hole and spread it wide. Her cock was still standing up straight so I grabbed with my hand and started gently caressing the head while she went deeper and deeper down.

When my cock was fully inside her Empatrize started to move. She has this amazing way of moving up and down and back and forth at the same time. I could literally feel my shaft being stroked and pushed against her prostate. And to prove what I was feeling with the head of my cock, her cock started to push out that beautiful clear cream. And when I say push it out I mean by the tablespoon at least. All of a sudden she leaned as far back as she could and her cock started to throb and shoot her load. Her cum hit me on the shoulder and onto the pillow. The next stream that shot our was almost as hard and literally covered my chest in hot sticky tranny cum!
Right away she jumped up off of me and yanked the condom off. I guess she saw in my face that I could not hold my load any longer. She leaned down and I thought she was going to swallow my cum but instead she kissed the head until the cum shot across her lips and cheek and into her hair. It was all over her face and I think I shot a load almost as big as hers. She did lick some of it off but the rest she cleaned with a towel and then excused herself to the shower. I followed and we both enjoyed the steam. Just as I was starting to get hard and wanting more she said she had to dress and leave. But she did give me her private number to call her again.

So if you make it to Mexico and want a hot time, make sure to look up Empatrize.