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06-09-2020, 12:46 PM
The Bus ride.
Not long ago I found myself in need of a day away. So I crossed the border of the US and Mexico and went straight to the bus station. Figured a 24 hour ride south and then one back would give me some quite time I needed.
The stress of every day life and get on your nerves and for a guy like me, I just some times need solitude. I grabbed a ticket from TJ to Cancun and figured I could turn back at any time over the trip. Its actually quite cheap and the buses are very nice. I also guessed that it would be a more quiet trip as few people would be making that far of a ride.

When I arrived at the station I was a little dismayed. There were tons and tons of people. I had to stand in line for almost 30 min waiting and then apparently, I got one of the last tickets on the bus. So it would at least start out crowded. But the ticket girl assured me that about 95% if the passengers would get off in the first few stops.
I ran into the connected OXXO and grabbed chips and drinks and some other little food items. That way I would not need to get off the bus for the first few hours.

Now, the bus line is called ADO and the buses are amazing if you take the platinum line. The seats are huge and the bathroom is more and adequate. Once on board I was happy to see that one of the few seats available was in the back. So I sat, opened my book and zoned the hell out. Honestly Im no sure how long I was zoned out reading but when I finally heard something come over the announcement system I was actually surprised to see that we had already stopped at least 1 time and dropped off a lot of the other passengers. I would guess that out for 42 there were now only about 15 left. The announcement that made me look up was that the bus was stopping for a 45 min break. We would have plenty of time to get off, grab food or just stretch out legs. Which I was happy to do both. Apparently I had eaten 2 bags of chips a burger and a drink and did not even remember it.

So off I went to look around and get the blood pumping in my legs. The station was rather small and only have a few people waiting around. I did notice a couple new people getting on my bus and one of them was a woman. She had a pretty big bag and for some reason I just guessed she would be takeing the ride the whole way south. I don’t think it even dawned on me that she may just be moving to the next town with most of her stuff. But I went about my business while the new people loaded.

Now armed with more chips and drinks I walked back to the bus and boarded. Being the typical gringo I had on shorts and a tshirt. As I got back on board I noticed it was a good bit colder and I grabbed a blanket and pillow as I walked back to my seat. Now with about a total of 21 people on board I expected to be alone. But when I got to the back rows I was surprised to see the new woman sitting just 2 seats away. But other than her, it was empty. Good. More quiet.

I was sitting reading and just enjoying some chips when I felt like someone was watching me. The bus had been moving for about an hour again and the next stop was 4 hours away. So I had three to go. When I looked up the new woman was looking over and out my window but Im not certain she was looking at me. However I smiled and I am glad I did as she was quite pretty. She was wearing a nice soft sundress that was a bit low cut on the top. She had long brown hair that cascaded over one shoulder and when she smiled back I noted she also had very pretty teeth. As well as a Sweet smile.

I was sitting with the blanket over me and she asked if she could share. She said she was chilly and that all the blankets were in use. Also because the one I had was big it should work out. However if I was willing she wanted to sit next to me so as to disturb me with sharing the blanket as much as possible. I said sure it was no problem. When she moved she turned to face me and leaned forward to put her things down including the little pillow she was using as back support. That little lean down afforded me a nice view of her big round tits and also the view of being able to see she was not wearing a bra. I was also able to see all the way down to her panties. When I noticed her panties I also noticed that she had a buldge there. So either she had the worlds hairiest putty or she was packing a trans cock.
Once she was seated and covered I looked at her and asked her name. She said Abigail and that she was heading to Cancun. I introduced myself as Robert and that I was just riding. Even though my ticket said Cancun I did not know if I was going to go the entire way.

Abby as she said she liked to be called was just 27 and moving from TJ to Cancun to get a fresh start. She said that for girls like her its dangerous in TJ. When she said that she had this expression on her face more or less asking the question if I had realized that she was trans. I looked her right and the eye and told her that I knew. When she asked me how I figured it out, I was a bit embarrassed because looking down a girls dress is really impolite but.. I guess she saw me blushing and said. “ go ahead and tell me, I wont get angry”. So I explained what I saw and we had a nice laugh over it.
As the next hour passed she was seated quietly next to me covered in the blanket and with her head leaning back. I guess taking a little nap or something while I was reading. We had shared some chips and a little conversation and that was about it.

Finally, Abby got up and excused herself to the bathroom. She came back just a few min later and just as she was getting ready to sit down, the bus driver hit the breaks and she went flying into my lap. We were both laughing and trying to get her standing back up and two very odd things happened. The first one was my left hand ended up on one of her tits. And then the second was the bus hit the breaks again and her cleavage was shoved directly into my face. All while my hand that had been holding her tit, slid down her side and almost onto her ass.

Finally reseated and still laughing a little the bus started to gain speed again. Abby slipped back under the blanket and reclined her seat back again. Then I felt her hand on my leg and very high up. I looked over at her and she smiled and said. You got to feel me up so I thought I would return the favor. With that her hand kept moving up until she reached up and unbuttoned my pants.

Over the next 40 minutes we kissed and she stroked my cock under the blanket. I reached over and pulled her dress up and put my hand into her panties and un packed her cock as well. She allowed me to stroke her but her cock never got fully hard. She said that the patch she wears prevents it and that if she did cum it would be just clear liquid. I told her that I would shoot a pretty big load and she said good. I am thirsty.

Right as I got ready to cum she put her head below the blanket and took the head of my cock into her mouth. I could feel the hot warm saliva on my shaft and I shot a monster load into her mouth. She of course swallowed it all. At the same time I felt her load cover my hand and run down between her legs.

We both then adjusted ourselves and sat back to rest. I had no idea what else might happen by my brain was ready for it.

I closed my eyes for what I thought was only a minute but it must have been much longer. When I opened them we were just pulling away from another bus station. To my astonishment Abby and her things were gone.

I am now back home and have tried to look Abby up a few times but I have never found anything about her. Maybe some day I can do the trip again and maybe see her. Who knows. In the mean time I recall the trip as my favorite for getting my head back on straight.