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07-21-2020, 11:49 AM
The Tranny Banger!

This site is of course about banging hot trannys. The Tranny Banger seeks them out and offers then what ever it takes to fuck them silly. From time to time if he gets hot enough he will let the girls fuck his ass as well. All shot on UHD and almost all in hot POV action.

Take a little at the little beauty below. Her name is Stefi and as you can see she is HOT. And when we say she is ready she is more ready than you can imagine. Click the images to check out the free sample gallery and get this hot tranny girl naked and fucked!

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This site is filled with the hottest tranny girls and they are all either in the throws of getting ass fucked or about to and trying to get the camera guy hot. Enjoy this action right now my clicking a thumb above.

07-21-2020, 12:01 PM
Tight ass tranny!

This Tight ass tranny is Apple. As you can see she is new and just starting out her transformation. She has small implant tits but her nipples are hyper sensitive and thats a good thing for you. A simple brush across them and her cock starts to get hard. Like most Tranny girls Apply is a diehard cock sucker and she also loves to have her ass hole licked. So if any of these things are what you are looking for in a tranny girlfriend that gets her ass banged. Click now!

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There are a lot more sets of Apple and she has her ass fucked nice and hard and deep. Click now to see more!

07-21-2020, 12:09 PM
Big Cock Trans Uki !

Yeah we know some of the Asian trans girls have odd names. But they think the same about our names. This beauty is UKI and she is about to get that ass fucked. But she wanted to start out getting the tranny banger's cock down her throat. Which she did in an amazing fashion. She really knows how to get a mans cock hard and keep it that way. Working it like never before. Then when she laid back and spread her hole, he confessed that he almost shot is load before he got inside of her!

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Uki also has a big cock and you would love having her fuck you as well. Click now on the sample photos above and check out more of this hardcore action.

07-21-2020, 12:21 PM
Long cock Big Tits.

The hot babe in the photos below is PAM. She has a super nice set of big tits and a very long cock. Pam is also one of the hot trans babes that takes the cock like a champ. She can never get enough in her mouth or her tight little ass hole. Pam always needs more and would not mind having a gangbang. So if you have some friends that would like to get into Pams hole at the same time as you, hook up with her just make sure to get it on video.

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07-24-2020, 09:36 AM
Tranny fuck in boots.

Have you ever had a hot and hard Tranny fuck in boots? Take a look at the outfit that Soda wanted to ware when she came for her shoot. She knew it was going to be hardcore with her sucking the camera guys cock and getting fucked in her tight ass hole. So she got dressed up and looked really hot for the occasion!

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You do not want to miss out on this action. The women in this site are crazy for the cock and show it in their actions!

07-24-2020, 09:46 AM
Ladyboy sucking cock!

This hot Ladyboy is Nina. The PhotoG knew she was hot the instant he saw her. The first think Nina did was wink at him from across the bar and get up and leave the table she was at with a group of guys. She walked over, sat on the PhotoG's lap and kissed him with tongue. Then she guided his hand down between their legs where she pulled her on cock out of her panties and had him start stroking her. And the rest of the night is right here on Film! Click now for the rest of these free samples and then the movie in the members area.

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Take a look at the hardcore action video and watch Nina work that cock like an amazing trans woman that she is. Adorable face, amazing tits and a tight ass with a big hard cock!

09-03-2020, 09:42 AM
Ladyboy cock compare!

This particular ladyboy is actually quite hung compared to some of the others. She is also fucking sexy as hell. Just look at that face with those eyes like that. There are a few shots where her eyes actually glow because of the camera flash. This POV video is a great one and your going to love watching her work this big cock. Click now and see more.

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3037 (https://join.trannybanger.com/gallery/NS4xLjM4LjQwLjEyNi4xNDM2LjAuMC4w)

This site is mostly hardcore videos with some photo sets of the girls modeling before they get fucked. Its a great site with a ton of updates and a ton more on the way. Everyone loves fucking ladyboy ass.

02-09-2021, 07:24 AM
Well guys we also wanted to share with you some hot Spread trans girl ass. This little babe is Fiona. Yes she is more chubby then we normally work with but she was also more hot for cock when she first met the tranny banger. As we understand it, it was just a regular Sunday when the passed her in a small family grocery store. TB was grabbing a few things for the week when Fiona saw him, smiled and walked right up to him. She looked at his eyes and said. " Lets Fuck! " So of course it was on!

The next thing you know TB has her in the room and before he can even get his pants down she is face down and ass up. So this Spread trans girl ass was fucked nice and hard.

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TB tells us that Fiona's ass was as soft as she is but also very tight. It was a pleasure to sink his cock into her ass pussy. So if your up for some of the same click an image to see more of the free samples. Then click a banner to watch the hardcore movie action!

02-09-2021, 07:45 AM
I can not say for certain but I think we all like a Hung Ladyboy. Yeah I know that some of you guys are not into Ladyboys. However that is usually due to them being so small over all. Not only short but with small tits and small cocks. However we do have a nice big group of Hung Ladyboy girls that you need to take a look at. Take for instance the sample photos of Mo. Yeah funny name but there is nothing funny about that big ladyboy cock and those rather bigger than average tits. Not to mention she has a real nice set of dick sucking lips on her as well.

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One of the hottest things about a Hung Ladyboy is that she as well as all the others has that massive drive for sex. If you thought your favorite latina trans was hot for cock. Then you have never tried a ladyboy. Search your area and hook up to find out what I mean.

02-09-2021, 07:53 AM
Wet trans girl cock. Now is this not a sight to see? Her name is Joy and she arrived for the photo shoot and announced right away that she wanted to shower. She said that she needed to feel fresh so that the TB could properly work her tight little ass hole and play with her cock. One never to stand in the way of a hot trans girl he stepped back and recorded her in the shower. Only lending a hand on a couple of small occasions. Once showed this wet trans girl cock was towel dried and headed for the bed to dress in some sexy lingerie and to get ready for a good hard fuck.

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Joy enjoyed having the TB yank her cock while she was wet and soapy. She said it felt like having a man to shower with ever day and it was a turn on and got her hard. She wanted more but the TB needed to move it al to the bed so he could drop his cock into that tranny ass pussy she has in the back.

02-16-2021, 07:15 AM
oh what a lucky guy