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07-30-2020, 03:38 PM
Alessandra Blonde!

Honestly guys how sensual is Alessandra Blonde to you? For us, she is literally perfection. Have you ever seen a trans girl with longer legs than Alessandra Blonde? I doubt it but maybe. Have you ever seen a tighter butt and prettier tits? How about a more feminine face? Like we said. Perfection. Then when you add in the part that she is a Trans. Wow you just can not get any hotter than that! Click the images to see more of the gallery.

2892 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMzE4NS4wLjAuMA)
2893 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMzE4NS4wLjAuMA)
2894 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMzE4NS4wLjAuMA)

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07-30-2020, 03:51 PM
Nude Panties and Bra.

Hi guys. This time its me Alessandra Blonde posting. I wanted to ask you guys if you knew what Nude Panties and Bra are?? A guy from the board asked me if he could send me a gift and I said yes I need a new set of Nude Panties and Bra! He asked what that was. So I found this set I shot a while back and wanted to share it with you so that " BRIAN " can see it. This is a set of Nude Panties and Bra and I do so love the way they look on me. In fact if you can get one just a big darker I would love it because right now I have a tan!

2895 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMzE4NC4wLjAuMA)
2896 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMzE4NC4wLjAuMA)
2897 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMzE4NC4wLjAuMA)

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07-30-2020, 04:00 PM
Lingerie and Heels.

Once again we have a new set of Alessandra Blonde and she is again in Lingerie and heels. This girl seems to live in them. But you know what? We are A-OK with that. Just take a look at those beautiful long legs she has. Add in her perfect hair and face and then those firm and awesome tits! What more could you ask for?

2898 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMzA3MC4wLjAuMA)
2899 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMzA3MC4wLjAuMA)
2900 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMzA3MC4wLjAuMA)

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08-13-2020, 12:55 PM
Does Alessande Blonde not have a perfect ass? Ok so some of you might think its near perfect but I see it as 100% garde a perfect. Just take a look at that thong sliding between her firm ass cheeks. Man thats hot. The skin on her ass is so smooth and tight you could probably bounce a coin off of it. In fact sitting here looking at her amazing ass I am thinking of bouncing some other things off it her. Click one of the images below to check out more of this free sample set of photos.

2988 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjY1OC4wLjAuMA)
2989 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjY1OC4wLjAuMA)
2990 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjY1OC4wLjAuMA)

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09-03-2020, 08:34 AM
Tits and Ass is the way to go when it comes to this beauty. Alessandra Blonde has both and they are HOT. Just take a peek at the photo set here to see for yourself. She is posing in heels and panties in this set and then using her hands as a bra in some of the photos. In fact looking closer you will see that hot is not enough of a word to describe this beauty. She is a freaking doll.

3023 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjY1Ny4wLjAuMA)
3024 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjY1Ny4wLjAuMA)
3025 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjY1Ny4wLjAuMA)

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09-03-2020, 08:45 AM
Trans Girl Bathroom Flash!

Take a look at these samples. Most often when you catch your favorite trans girl in the bath she will come out wrapped in a towel. If your just sitting waiting she might flash you and thats what happened in this set of Alessandra Blonde. She was getting ready for the shoot and we found her showering. So we said we wanted to take photos. She grabbed her towel and wrapped herself up in it and started posing. Some of the photos are a little exaggerated. Others are just hot. Then she flashed and we caught a great shot of it.

3026 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjUyMS4wLjAuMA)
3027 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjUyMS4wLjAuMA)
3028 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjUyMS4wLjAuMA)

Remember that the links the photos have are to the free sample gallery. Get over there and take a look now. This is a great set of Alessandra.

09-03-2020, 08:52 AM
Anal Play.

My hand is raised so high right now to join in on this fun.. My cock is as well. The instant we got these photos of Alessandra Blonde in this Anal Play set we almost busted a nut looking at them. Just look for yourself. Alessandra wanted to demonstrate how tight her ass is so she held the dildo between her ass cheeks and it never fell despite moving around for the poses. Its super hot. Your going to love it.

3029 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjI1MS4wLjAuMA)
3030 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjI1MS4wLjAuMA)
3031 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjI1MS4wLjAuMA)

In the movie that was made she works her ass with that red anal toy. You really might want to watch this one. Join her site by clicking on a banner on the free gallery page. Go, enjoy and get off with Alessandra!

09-03-2020, 09:21 AM
Spreading Tranny Ass

I must admit that this is one seriously sexy set that Alessandra Blonde made. Watching a movie or seeing a photo set of Spreading Tranny Ass has got to be one of the hottest things. I mean. It's a downright invite to push your cock into her hole with a little lube. Well, ok so its pleasure for her with a lot of lube. Seriously looking at these samples are you not ready to do just that? I would dive in balls deep without a thought.

3032 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjIwNy4wLjAuMA)
3033 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjIwNy4wLjAuMA)
3034 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjIwNy4wLjAuMA)

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10-29-2020, 05:47 PM
Did you ever notice that she actually has a big cock. I know its hard to tear your eyes away from her beautiful face and tight round ass. But yes Alessandra Blondes big cock is right there. She is both passive and active and she loves to spend time with men. Just make sure to make her feel like the most important woman in the world and she will melt all over your meat stick.

3111 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjAzNC4wLjAuMA)
3112 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjAzNC4wLjAuMA)
3113 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMjAzNC4wLjAuMA)

01-21-2021, 04:27 PM
Now a Yellow Bikini alone is nothing really to look at. But when you put it on the body of a trans girl like Alessandra Blonde. Well then it kind of becomes somewhat exciting. In other words seeing it filled out with a very nice set of trans girl tits. The bottoms with a nice trans girl ass and trans girl cock. Well that makes it something special and something that most of us would like to get our hands on. And I mean really get our hands on her in this sexy small yellow bikini!

3227 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMTk2Ny4wLjAuMA)
3228 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMTk2Ny4wLjAuMA)
3229 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMTk2Ny4wLjAuMA)

Now that you have gotten a peek at her in the bikini. How would you like to get her out of it? Simply click an image and she is going to do that for you. Trust us when we say you will love it.

01-21-2021, 04:33 PM
Did you already know that Alessandra Blonde is a big cock trans? Or is this the first you are reading or seeing about this tasty little fact? I had seen her naked a number of times but never really realized how big that cock actually is. Now that I can see it more clearly in the thumbs below I realize that she is quite the big cock trans and a girl that deserves more of my attention. Your attention as well. So sit up straight and pay attention to whats going on in this photo set.

3230 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMTg4Ny4wLjAuMA)
3231 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMTg4Ny4wLjAuMA)
3232 (https://join.alessandrablonde.com/gallery/NS4xLjQuNC4xMjYuMTg4Ny4wLjAuMA)

Now that you have had a peek at this cock. Its time for you to really sit back and enjoy some more. And there is plenty more of this amazing big cock trans.