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10-20-2020, 10:30 AM
Ladyboy Gold

Ladyboy Gold is another hot and hardcore site brought to you bye the same guys as Ladyboy Galmour (https://tchicks.com/showthread.php/2639-LadyboyGlamour), TSRaw (https://tchicks.com/showthread.php/2670-TS-Raw) and Ladyboys Fucked Bareback (https://tchicks.com/showthread.php/2642-Ladyboys-Fucked-BareBack). All three of these have pages here so that you can sample them as you wish. Ladyboy Gold is the flagship site and its filled with some of the hottest anal action you will see anywhere. We will do our best not to repeat galleries but we don't think that there are many of them anyway! No matter what we will post the hottest and sexiest ladyboys that we can find and you will love watching the hardcore action.

Keep in mind that each image below is linked to the sample gallery it came from. Clicking an image will take you to that page and 8 to 10 or so more sample photos to enjoy. Then clicking on a banner on that page will take you to the website tour so that you can join and enjoy the members area of that site!

3087 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.
3088 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.
3089 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

The hardcore action in these photos and the movies that go with the photo sets is super HOT. Make sure to comment about what you like and want to see. Click now and enjoy more of this set and the girl thats about to her tight tight little ladyboy ass pounded nice and hard and deep.

10-20-2020, 11:18 AM
Petite Long legs Ladyboy!

Wow look at those legs in the first photo. How long are they? I can bet my ass, hehehe that she can wrap those around my waist and help me fuck her hole nice and deep. In fact those long legs look like they could go around me 2 times. I have never had a Petite Long legs Ladyboy but I hope that some of you have. That way you can share your experience here with us about how good they are in bed. Make sure to post some details because just from the look of this ladyboy she is fucking awesome in the sack.

Dont forget that clicking on the images will take you to the free sample gallery.

3090 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

3091 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

3092 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

Did I also mention that this petite ladyboy happens to have a pretty big cock on her? Yeah we know that its rare to see a ladyboy with a cock this big but you must admit its hot.

10-20-2020, 11:32 AM
Big Lips Big Ass!

So when presented with a trans girl with both Big Lips Big Ass and all the right parts, what do you pay the most attention to. We actually have a lot of men that tell us they will focus on the girls lips. Kissing and biting them. Having the girl move her big lips down their body and onto their cocks. Making sure to use those big lips to suck the head of their cock deep into her mouth. Feeling the soft hot wet sensations as she does. Other men tell us they focus on the big ass because ultimately thats the area of pleasure for both of them. Slapping the girls ass, and also licking her love hole. As much to lube her tube as to give her and him pleasure. Most of these women love a good tongue fuck so go ahead and go as deep into that hole as you can.

3093 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

3094 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

3095 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

Click now and watch this beauty with big lips and a big ass get both of her holes fucked nice and hard.

10-20-2020, 11:58 AM
Anyone else here that loves a good Tight ladyboy ass? Yes we all love the idea of getting behind a tight little tranny ass like this. Push her forward and make her keep standing up. Then with some lube or some spit on the tip of your cock, rub it around on her hole to make sure its ready! Then flex the muscles in your hips and push the head of your cock slowly down into her hole. Dont rush. You have plenty of time. Listen to her gasp as your cock head penetrates the first ring muscle that is around her hole. Now reach forward and grab those big tits.

3096 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

3097 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

3098 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

10-29-2020, 03:33 PM
CreamPied ass hole.

Take a close look here because this little ladyboy beauty is going to end up with a CreamPied ass hole. That's right. And its all on video for you to enjoy! But for starters you can sit back and enjoy these free sample photos from this photo gallery. This hot little ladyboy babe opens her ass for a big cock and it works her hole nice and hard. After filling her with plenty of man spunk she reluctantly pushes it out to catch the creampie on camera just for you to enjoy. Its all in UHD so you wont miss a beat as she does this. Watch close and you can see her love hole pulsing with pleasure!

3099 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

3100 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

3101 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

Dont forget to rate and comment on the things that you like the most. Now days you can do that in the members areas of the site that you join. You can also do us the favor of commenting here on this chat board. Nothing wrong with lurking but much better to participate!

10-29-2020, 03:49 PM
Ladyboys ride cock.

Well the truth is a lot of trans girls ride cock. Not just the ladyboys! Most trans girls love to fuck. However some of them are active only. That means that they do NOT ride cock. In fact those that are active only may not even let you finger their ass. But they will work your ass like its no tomorrow. The good thing is that most Ladyboys ride cock. Even if they prefer to be active they will sit right down and ride your pole just to make you happy. They do of course want and deserve to have you do the same for them.

3102 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

3103 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

3104 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

No matter what you prefer for yourself make sure to keep the girl happy by making her shoot a huge load. You can almost always work something out and make it hot for both of you. Just talk with her before your action gets started and you get too heated up.

10-29-2020, 03:58 PM
It does not matter if its Down Blouse or a Ladyboy Upskirt shot its so much hotter when the girl is trans. I get that its hot to see the curve of a girls pussy in a hot upskirt shot. But its 100 times better to think you will see pussy and then see a cock hidden in those panties instead. These girls love to show off their panties and especially when they are packed with cock. Just get your trans girl dressed up and go out some place public. Then sit and take photos of her showing so hot upskirt action!

3105 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

3106 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

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Dont hesitate. Bring up the idea with your girl and see what can be done. She will love it and so will you. Then after the photos you can drive home jerking each others cocks the whole way. Once you arrive at home the real fun starts with both of you getting naked and fucking each others ass. Just like in the rest of this photo set.

10-29-2020, 04:11 PM
Check out the tits on this very cute and sexy ladyboy! Oh and who else loves the way she is dressed? If I could just get my girl to wear tops like that I would be in heaven. Anyway back to the reason for this post. Those Firm Tits. They look amazing and also very freaking tasty! I can only imagine the feel of sucking one of those little nipples into my mouth and caressing it with my tongue. I am sure her cock would get hard and can not wait to try it out!

3108 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

3109 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

3110 (https://join.ladyboygold.com/gallery/fuckinc.

Now that she has your attention check out the rest of the set and watch her not only suck that cock but take it deep into her ass hole as well.