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11-17-2020, 01:36 PM
Holy hello have you seen Kimber Lee? This woman is beautiful and has an amazing body on her. With the long black hair and very pale skin she looks like a vampire barbie doll and I am all in! I want, no I need to have one of these! What would be the hottest thing about Kimber Lee? Well take your pick. From beautiful long black hair to her pale skin or her amazing big tits. Then you can work your way down to her tight little ass and also her big, thick and hard trans girl cock. Its all about Kimber in this thread so Enjoy!

3141 (https://shemale-porn-galls.com/galls/kimberlee/kimberlee_gangbang_pic/?nats=NjI0LjQuMTQ1LjI1MC4wLjYwMTkwMDMuMC4wLjA)
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Oh, did I mention that she lives to do hardcore as well? Yeah with as much cock as she can get. Just click on one of the images above and check out more of the free sample photos and see for yourself!

11-17-2020, 01:53 PM
Does Kimber Lee not look like a long legs trans doll? Can you imagine unpacking this trans doll from a crate. Sitting her on the chair and posing her like you see in the photo set below? No that's not what this gallery is about but she sure does conjure up that idea with her amazing look. Those long legs in high heels and her cock hanging down like that. Just imagine all the things you can do to her and with her. How hot is that!

3143 (https://shemale-porn-galls.com/galls/kimberlee/pretty_pink_jacks_off_pic/?nats=NjI0LjQuMTQ1LjI1MC4wLjYwMTg2OTIuMC4wLjA)
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Click now and check out more of these sample photos. Kimber Lee is hot no matter what she wears or even better when she is wearing nothing. But your going to love every photo she has.

11-17-2020, 02:06 PM
Well guys you have finally found a new trans girl that you are going to love. I have called this sample set Kimber Lee sucks cock for a reason. The best part is that you will see in this set that she does a lot more than just suck cock. She is going to get her ass rammed nice and deep by a lucky fan. That means that you might be able to be the next one to star in a video with Kimber. You will just have to sign up to her members area and message her about it.

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Your going to love watching this busty beauty as she fucks and sucks her way to fame. Join her right now and watch the events unfold. Be her super fan!

11-18-2020, 02:40 PM
Did you know about that? Did anyone here know that it should be Hung Kimber Lee rather than just Kimber Lee? Man I guess I am always the last to know. But just to make sure I decided to share some photos with you to prove that she is for sure Hung! She also happens to be quite busty and I love that aspect of her. Add in that she has a killer ass and a beautiful face, then she is the perfect girl. Take a close look at the photos below of Hung Kimber Lee and let us know what you think. You can see more and also the full size photos by clicking on any of the thumbs.

3150 (https://shemale-porn-galls.com/galls/kimberlee/purple_bed_cock_play_pic/?nats=NjI0LjQuMTQ1LjI1MC4wLjYwMTg2MzEuMC4wLjA)
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Remember that Kimber Lee has her own website and its filled with photos and movies of her. From softcore to hardcore and all the way in between. She gets those beautiful big tits out and also that thick and long hard cock of hers. Its all for your and her pleasure. So make sure to comment for her and let her know that you are as in love with her as we are.

11-18-2020, 02:48 PM
Now I have no idea if the guy bought her the lingerie or not but I know damn well that if I see Kimber Lee in lingerie I am getting my cock sucked. Well I hope so that is. Take a look at this set I call Sexy Lingerie and a blowjob. Super hot and I can not get over the body on this amazing trans woman. I love those tits and that cock is an amazing love pole.

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Dont miss out on watching this hot movie of Kimber. Yes it goes 100% hardcore and you will love it. Click an image right now.

11-18-2020, 02:53 PM
Cat Suit? Rubber or Latex? Well guys got any idea what it is that Kimber is modeling in this photo set? Honestly I dont care I just want to see that zipper going down and popping those big trans girl tits of hers out. Then once they are free in the breeze I want that zipper down even further to free that monster cock she has tucked away between her long and perfect legs.

3156 (https://shemale-porn-galls.com/galls/kimberlee/red_latex_stairs_pic/?nats=NjI0LjQuMTQ1LjI1MC4wLjYwMTg1OTMuMC4wLjA)
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You already know you want to see more. So much more. Well I dont think I need to repeat myself but I will. Click an image.

11-23-2020, 12:35 PM
verrrry hot, she is German!

11-24-2020, 11:57 AM
fuck i want her cock in my mouth!