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01-20-2022, 08:30 AM
I know that a lot of you guys out there from time to time get to see a Tempting Tranny ass. And the minute you see it you want to do all sorts of unspeakable things to that ass. In fact from time to time those ideas will stick in your head for days and weeks at a time.. And you might even spend a few of your masturbation sessions thinking about it. That big or small tight tranny ass and how it made your cock twitch when you saw it. Trust me. We all go through this and its exciting as hell in so many ways.

And the things that excite you and of course me are what I always try to capture in the photos and movies in the members areas of our sites. So today I want to share something that happened to me when doing exactly that. I was trying to get some red hot photos of a tempting tranny ass. And of course I got them. And then I got that ass. Let me just tell you the story of how it happened. I think no matter what your going to love this one. So sit back, get your cock out and start reading and wanking at the same time.

So I was trying to figure out which girl to shoot again when I got a message from Nina StrongHold. She was in town for the weekend and wanted to know if I needed more content. She is always looking for a new shoot, and not just because she gets paid. But because she actually likes getting dressed up and stripping for the camera. And the best part about that is that I can never get enough of Nina's tits!!! Of course, I said yes, please bring your pretty ass over and lets make some photo sets. I also asked her if she had anything in red. A dress or even a shirt would be perfect. But, she said no but that she would get something on her way.

I knew it would be a few hours before she arrived and that was fine with me. Gave me a few minutes to make up the room the way I wanted it and then to take a shower, and get a good wank so that my cock did not get hard in front of Nina. So I got started. I think it was about 10am. I arranged the bed and got the pillows. And made a few adjustments to the windows to use only natural light. Then I headed for the shower. Being the total dude that I am I left a trail of clothing from the door of the bathroom all the way to the shower. Just as I was stepping in I hear something behind me. I was not quite sure but thought that it was the polite clearing of a throat. And me standing there bare assed.

Of course standing there in a red dress. Semi transparent at the top is Nina StrongHold. Staring at my ass and with a cute and wicked smile on her face. Of course I blushed a little. And Nina winked at me and said she was ready to record. She then spun really fast and I got a flash of her ass and no panties. I had time for a fast rinse and I yelled that out to her but no time to relieve that pressure already building in my cock and balls. I knew I was going to have a hard time that day. And I mean hard!

Only a few minutes later I walked out of the bath and was still drying my hair and I found Nina sitting in a chair. Leaned back with her back arched someone and her big beautiful tits thrust into the air. Her Legs were crossed but her the skirt of her dress had slid up her thighs. She slowly tilted her head forward and looked me in the eye. Then her eyes traced down my body and she got just a touch of a disappointed look on her face to see I was wearing shorts. And that the same time she also got a look that she might have a way to solve that.

Anyway we started taking the photos. Now below is one of those photos and I want you to look close at the red dress. You can see how short it is. And the cut of the sides. Its almost more of a tshirt than a dress. But Nina assured me she would and could wear it out to nice places. And just thinking of that big tranny ass in that dress. High heels and her walking though a crowded restruant or place. How hot it would be to see that skirt flip with each step and movement of that big tranny ass!


Now. Nina loves to show off her ass. She does it all the time by wearing the tightest and shortest shorts and dresses she can find. But she also loves to show of her big tranny tits. And for me its always a toss up on which gets me the hardest. Just being able to always see those big tranny tits is a turn on. And like I said she loves to show them off. And because when you are with a woman you face them more often than you are behind them you end up seeing their tits more than their ass. So I am lucky that I adore both sides of Nina. And I hope that you do as well. She sure has the curves to keep us hard and ready for some fun.

So the photos progressed and I was really starting to enjoy the work. The more she poses the more skin she shows and the hotter Nina gets. Her cock does not usually get hard because she is passive. But you can tell she is getting hot by the way she breathes. And her breathing was definitely deeper and hotter. She was getting turned on. And that made me happy to switch it around on her. But at the same time my cock was getting hard looking at her big ass and those tits. Ohhh Those tits!!


I am sure you have also noticed that Nina has amazing legs. She works out a good bit and she also loves to dance and bicycle. Yeah and you must see her in her bike shorts. Holy shit you will blow a nut in a heart beat. But anyway back to this short dress. Nina kept moving so that the dress would flip and move and flash her ass. Which of course only increased my attention. And honestly I could not get enough. And I dont think that she could either. She was hot and having fun and teasing me just a little. Nina even brushed against me a couple of times and made sure either her hand or her hip made contact with my erection that she could clearly see by that time!


As you can see the short dress showed off her body really well. From the curve of the side boob to that big and beautiful ass. It was tight and looked amazing. I think one of the best parts about the dress was that it allowed Nina to be completely naked underneath it. And you could not really tell until she stood in front of you and facing you. Then if you took just a brief second to look you could see her nipples. And man talk about hot. Have you ever been someplace in public and a woman walks in that takes all the attention in the room and draws it like water or air to herself? That is the kind of woman Nina is and that is the kind of dress she was wearing and that fact that you could just barely see her nipples made you stare even more.


Finally the part of the photo session that I looked forward to the most and also dreaded the most. Nina was going to climb up on the bed and the dress would come off. That meant having not only that big beautiful ass in my face. But those big tits exposed as well. And also her cock. Well she kind of calls it her clit. And my cock was already throbbing and we had not yet gotten that far. But it was coming and I was starting to make a wet spot in my pants. And I know that Nina could see it because at one point she reached out the touched the spot and then licked the tip of her finger.

Once she got up on the bed things for both of us really heated up. And I could not wait to finish this set. I was then thinking that if I were lucky she was hot enough that she would let me fuck that big tranny ass. I wanted deep inside so bad. But I and she had a rule that we dont fuck because we work together. And yeah it drives me nuts most of the time and just makes me want to fuck her ass even more. And I mean fuck it deep and hard.


This girl always knows how to lay down so that she shows her body to the best advantage. And as you can see in the photo above. She has an amazing body. Her sexy High heels and her thick and juicy and shapely legs. Then to that big tranny ass and you can even see that she has big tranny tits. Ohh how hot that body is and the dress just accented it so much. As you can see her ass was in the perfect position for this shot and I was standing on the bed looking down at her. She was looking at my cock. It was just throbbing away in my shorts. I wanted her to take it and play with it so much. And trust me it was an ache that I wanted so desperately to get rid of and with her rather than alone.


This of course was the pose that got me. I just had to have that ass. But you my friends need to see the rest of this set and I know you will love the photos. Below is a link to click so that you can enjoy the rest and get off with Nina StrongHold and her big tranny ass.

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