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03-11-2022, 08:15 AM
NAME: Martina Lee
AGE: 27
COCK: 8 inches
https://www.lbpornstars.com/martina/martina.jpg (https://join.asiantsworld.com/track/NS4xLjIyLjIyLjE1My4wLjAuMC4w)

Instagram: @TsMartinaLee (https://www.instagram.com/tsmartinalee/)

Twitter: @TsMartinaLee (https://twitter.com/tsmartinalee)

Hello all. I am Martina Lee and have been featured on a number of websites including AsianTsWorld.com (https://join.asiantsworld.com/track/NS4xLjIyLjIyLjE1My4wLjAuMC4w) And I really hope that you like the way I look. I was born in the Philippines and still live there. I really enjoy going to the beaches and pools to get sun, enjoy the water and also meet new men!! Jijiji. But what I love the most? Well I guess that I love to meet a man that looks deeply into my eyes. Holds my hands and caresses my back and treats me like the woman that I am. I want you to take me to dinner and hold the doors for me. Help me decide what desert to have and also suck my cock! WOW. Yes I am a very hot girl and I love to have sex. So make sure that you come prepared for just that. I am very busty and with a very nice big ass that is super tight and ready for your hands, lips and tongue!

You can see my photo sets and my movies at AsianTSWorld.com (https://join.asiantsworld.com/track/NS4xLjIyLjIyLjE1My4wLjAuMC4w) And below are a couple samples from some of those sets. Enjoy and comment and rate for me my loves.

XOXO Marina Lee.

https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/1.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/1.jpg)
https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/2.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/2.jpg)
https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/3.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/3.jpg)

https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/4.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/4.jpg)
https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/5.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/5.jpg)
https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/6.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/6.jpg)

https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/7.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/7.jpg)
https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/8.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/8.jpg)
https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/9.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/9.jpg)

https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/10.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/10.jpg)
https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/11.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/11.jpg)
https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/12.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/12.jpg)


Scroll down for a few more photos of me. Please comment also and let me know what you think.

03-11-2022, 08:46 AM
More of me guys. Martina Lee. Busty hot and waiting to meet you!

https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/13.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/13.jpg)

https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/14.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/14.jpg)

https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/15.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/15.jpg)

https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/16.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/16.jpg)

https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/17.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/17.jpg)

https://lbpornstars.com/martina/thumbs/18.jpg (https://lbpornstars.com/martina/18.jpg)


06-25-2022, 09:04 AM
wow I love Pi Ladyboys :)

07-04-2022, 07:52 AM
Me. Tooooo. Especially this one!