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05-13-2022, 04:30 PM
Recording a porn movie.

So, I wanted to tell you guys about this little adventure I had. A friend of mine is a videographer and he records porn videos. He has done hundreds and always told it it was often fun and exciting to do. Lots of joking around and wild shit by the girls. One day when he invited me I was surprised but said hell yes. I figured getting to see some hot pussy would be fun. Not exactly what I was into but that is fine. A day hanging with a friend and watching naked people. Sounded good to me!

The day arrived and we headed out in his truck loaded with camera stuff. We headed into the warehouses of Miami and we were planning to meet there. Apparently, we would be the last to arrive so as to not waste our time. Finally get there and we spend an hour unloading the truck. Yeah, he wanted to have fun. Fucker made me into a slave. But anyway, it was fun and I was enjoying myself.
Once inside the warehouse I see a room set up with a bed and made to look like a bedroom. A big screen tv was shoved up against the ď Window ď from the outside and showed a garden photo. Looked a bit off but real enough for porn I guess.

Lights were up camera was mounted and we were just talking to the guy that was paying for the show when the girls came out of the bathroom. One was tall and blonde. She had on a sexy dress and heels and she was quite pretty. The other was a brunette and beautiful to my surprise she was naked and swinging about 9 inches of cock. And that shocked the hell out of me. My friend was not into trans at all. I was but he had no idea. So, I was kind of excited already.

We spent the rest of the afternoon recording the videos and from time to time they would make some sort of changes. Especially between the scenes. Apparently recording a porn movie is a lot more work than I thought. But each time there was a break and the girls walked away from the bed or whatever, the hot trans girl would always stand near me. I had noted that she was watching me from time to time but I kind of felt it was because I was an outsider and not doing much and she did not want me there.

When the day was done we wrapped everything up and another hour packing. The guy paying handed out the cash and the girls left. He then stopped and asked me for my contact info as a witness to the payments and other paperwork so I was happy to hand it over. We actually had a great day and as my buddy said. It was fun!
After getting home I was so horny thinking about the trans girl that I headed straight for the bathroom and dropped a huge cum load right into the toilet. That load going out made my balls feel so much better. But it also made me realize how hot I was for that girl.

A couple days later I was talking to my friend and inquired if he would be recording again soon and he said no. Then asked why. If I wanted the tall blonde girlís number or something. I said yes and played it off. But he did not hand over the number and I was glad.

Maybe two or three weeks later I got a call that I did not recognize the number so I did not answer. Just went about my day. That night I got another and I ignored it again. But right after it hung up my whatss went off and it was the same unknown number. The message was as follows.

ď Hi hun. Hope you donít mind me messaging and also calling. My name is Karina and im the girl from the day you were recording a porn movie. Do you remember me? I admit and upfront I want to say. Im the trans girl. ď Holding Breath ď ď. My heart almost jumped out of my chest. At first I thought it was a joke. Then before I could reply she sent me a photo of herself sitting at a cafť. Oddly I knew the background and it was close to where I lived. I replied back that it was a beautiful photo and asked when she was last there. How old the photo was and she replied that she was there now and wondered if I wanted to meet. I think it took about 3 seconds for my cock to be rock hard again thinking of this but I told her yes and I would be right there. But it would take me about 10 minutes. She told me to take my time. I ran for the bathroom, showered and dropped another cum load. Dressed and hauled ass out the door.

I had no idea what to expect when I walked in but I figured I would play it cool and act as though I was not overly interested. I got inside and went straight to get a coffee. She was sitting at the end of the coffee bar at a small table for two. I noted she had a drink so I did not get another but I did buy two frosted cookies. When I walked up I introduced myself ( Roy ) and sat down at her invitation.
Karina asked my name and apologized for not learning it the day we met. Then confessed that she could not take her eyes off of me that day because she found me so attractive. When I confessed the same, she seemed a bit surprised but not completely. Needless to say, we sat and talked for about two hours. Then we planned to meet again later in the week and I offered dinner. She was excited and we parted ways.
That Friday we met just outside the coffee shop. I was wearing a nice pair of pants and long sleeve shirt. She got out of her car wearing a short red dress that was low cut in the front and with a wrap around her shoulders. Her heels were black and a tight little black belt made her waste look so small. She was kind of a small girl anyway.

So we went to the Italian place two blocks down and sat at a table in the back on one side. It was dim and nice and quaint. We faced each other across the table but we both leaned in close to chat quietly. Smelling her perfume gave me a rush and I felt my cock start to swell, so I excused myself to the restroom. Not wanting to look like a horn dog I wanked again and dropped the load as fast as I could. Lucky for me I was so hot that I popped off very fast and was able to return to the table.

When I got back, I found Karina sitting on the side of the table I had been on. I moved to sit on the side she had and she said no and told me to sit next to her. Man let me say this was heating me up even more than recording a porn movie. This was really getting me hot. When I sat down, I had to readjust my pants and she giggled. It took me a moment to realize that she of all people would know what I was doing and I blushed 10 shades of red!
She smiled at me again and started to laugh and then took my hand and put it in her lap. My hand landed on the head of her cock and it was standing straight up and hard as a rock. She leaned in and kissed me and asked me to make love to her. I replied by kissing her back and gently squeezing the head of her cock in my hand. I guess I donít have to say, that we paid and left right away.

By the time we arrived at my house, which by the way was 4 blocks closer, we had shared a number of kisses and she was using her wrap to cover her cock as we walked into the building. We got to my floor and I opened the door and walked in. Sitting on the sofa drinking a beer was my friend the photographer. And I have to say I turned even redder than I had before. And I was also gaping and speechless.

I stood looking at him and he smiled at me. Then said. Who did you think gave her your number? Karina and I have known each other for years and when I saw the two of you looking at each other I knew I had to step in and help. So, I did. And now Iím leaving. However just so you know I left a chilled bottle of wine next to the bed and two glasses on the pillow. So have fun. And he walked out the door. I was stunned and Karina was happy and grabbing at my belt.

No, we did not make it to the room before we were naked and I was again stunned at how nice of a body she had. With a firm and natural ass, D cup tits and that big cock that was standing straight up. I was hard as a rock and ready to go.

Now if you have never actually been with a trans girl there are some things you may not know. And one of them is, anal sex kind of hurts. Unless you are really hot. And its easy to get that way when you are with the right girl and she is doing everything that excites you. But you also need to do what excites her and I was a bit worried as a porn girl has a lot of experience.

The kissing and touching started and I could actually feel her cock throbbing in my hand. And I know that she could feel the same from me in her hand. As we climbed onto the bed, she pushed me down onto my stomach and got on top of my legs. I thought she was going to try to put her cock in my ass. But then I felt her long dark hair cascade down over my legs and her lips gently kissing my ass cheeks. Then her hands spread my cheeks and her finger tips started to caress and touch my ass hole. When her tongue licked my ass for the first time it was like electricity flying through me. I know that right that instant my cock throbbed like never before and I felt a wet spot beneath me. But it was not an orgasm. It was just a flood of precum. Then her tongue penetrated my ass and I did orgasm. Hard and long and I was about to turn over when she whispered donít worry. We are just getting started and thatís going to happen again.

When she finally laid down next to me, I rolled over and took her in my arms and pulled her on top of me. Despite the orgasm I had about ten minutes earlier I was still gasping for air and hard as a rock. She took a hand full of my cum and reached back and lubed her ass with it. Then leaned back and guided my cock into the tightest ass I had ever been in. Once she sat all the way down, she placed her hands on my chest. Her hair was hanging down in my face and her tits were right at my mouth and hands. Then she started to ride my cock deep and hard. No to fast but also not slow. With a rhythm that comes with practice. I was getting close to cumming again and she yelled out yes cum for me baby. And to my surprise as I was filling her ass she was shooting her own load all up across my chest. Onto the sheets and also hitting the pillows. Her cock was throbbing hard and she was breathing so heavy it was amazing. I felt like I was the pornstar. And she made me cum so hard. I was actually dizzy.

Karina and I actually see each other about 2 times a month now and I always look forward to going out with her. We date more than we fuck but that is ok with me.

Next time I post I will tell you about our little vacation together!