An encounter with a trans girl.

So we went with the family to Mexico on vacation. My wife and **** and her mom. Yeah! Over all it was a lot of fun except for the sunburns. The hotel was beautiful and the beaches were amazing. The food was endless and so were the drinks. Directly across the street from the hotel was a new shopping mall and of course the wife could not stay away. So, we had a family shopping day.
Walking in this place is amazing. With all the security check points for the virus and what not. They even made is wear masks even though the place is an open-air mall. But we still loved it. We are wandering around and my wife finds the makeup store. Forgive me for not noting the name I just donít care. The **** were playing on an outdoor chair set and I was kind of stuck in the middle. As you know standing and waiting gets boring until a woman catches your eye. Yep thatís what happened.

So, there I am at the door and I see this woman walking towards me. She is we aring nice beach shorts, a small tight top that is semi transparent and low heels. The over all effect is super sexy. She also had on a mask so it was hard to see her face other than her eyes. But they sparkled and were beautiful. She noticed me and I can swear that she curved her path and walked past me into the store I was at the doors of! As she did her right hand brushed past my shorts. I know there was electricity in her touch because my cock has never jumped like that.

I was careful as I watched her walk in, and never turned my head. I did not want anyone to see me check out her ass, which turned out to be pretty damn nice. Big and round enough to fill her shorts and make them tight. Iím sure you know the kind. Any way I kept an eye on her as she moved throughout the store and she kept looking at me. I was just starting to wonder what she looked like when she moved to the end of the isle directly in front of me and took the mask off one side of her face, she smiled blew me a kiss and winked. Then she spun around replacing her mask and kept shopping. Just about that time my wife walked out and we all followed her around the mall some more.

I guess about twenty minutes later we walked past a bikini store called something with a Z. My wife stopped and looked in the window for a few minutes. Standing inside was the woman I had seen at the make-up store. Somehow, like magnetism she looked up as I looked into the store and she smiled again. Her mask was on but I could see the crinkle at the corners of her eyes. My wife started walking away but I stayed for a few seconds longer admiring her legs and ass. She held up a short beach skirt, looked at me and shook her head yes, and then no! She was asking a question.

The skirt was so short and very sexy that I shook my head yes! Then she held up a pink bikini top that was rather small and matched the skirt. I shook my head yes and had to walk away. I was so hot and excited. I donít know why. The truth is I did not yet know what I was about to learn about this sexy and exciting woman.

Lunch time! Lunch Time the **** rang out as loud as they could, both of them calling for the wings place we had just walked by in the corner. We then turned around and walked back that way. I was able to glance into the bikini store but the beauty was no where in site. Honestly my heart finally slowed down just a little.

We sat down and ordered drinks and enough wings to feed an army but I figured what the heck. The meal was great. The drinks were amazing and the cost was perfect! I was happy and ready to rest a little. I could not get this woman out of my mind and I was a bit distracted but my wife was engrossed in her phone and the **** were playing video games. So I leaned back in the booth and closed my eyes for just a few seconds.

When I reopened my eyes everything at my table was just the same. **** playing wife on the phone and me. Having a drink. But I realized that sitting at the table in front of us was the woman I had seen. She was sitting at a tall table on the stool and facing me. She also had on the short skirt, bikini bottom and top that I saw her buying. Because we did not have on masks, I was able to see her face and smile. She was beautiful with brown eyes and long hair. I smiled she smiled and then giggled. Lucky for me my wife was facing me and could not see her. I was careful as I do love my wife. I looked down to get my drink and when I looked up, I saw she was holding a napkin with writing on it.

The napkin said. ď I am Trans ď!!!

I nodded my head that I had already figured that out. She smiled very demurely and then slowly opened her legs under the table. Because of the elevation of the table I was able to see all the way to her crotch. What I saw was her bikini bottom and a very big package stuffed there. She looked around and then pulled the bikini bottom aside to reveal a very big and well shaved cock. Then she replaced the bikini and smiled at me.

I winked and then excused myself to the rest room that was directly behind her and in the back. My wife nodded and I walked away. As I passed her table I could see she had written her name on the napkin! Yessika.

As I passed I simply mumbled the word WOW! Just loud enough for her to hear but no one else.

I actually went to the bathroom because I needed to pee. Just as I walked up to the urinal I felt a hand on my shoulder pull me around. Just as fast I found Yessikas lips on mine and her tongue entering my mouth. Her other hand reached down and tool hold of my cock and pulled me towards the stall. I shut the door behind us and she dropped the lid of the toilet and sat down. Within seconds my cock was deep in her hot mouth and she was working it so hard I was hard faster than ever before.

I can only guess it was the excitement. I do know for sure it was the action of her sweet mouth and her tits as they pressed against my legs. She was in the perfect position and my cock was ready to burst.

The first shot of my cum hit her in the back of the throat. The second shot right by her face because she popped my cock out of her mouth and splattered it on the wall behind her. She smiled really big and then stood up and began to move behind me. I thought she was going to drop my shorts the rest of the way and take my ass. It would have hurt like hell as I have never done that and I could tell her cock was huge. But instead she opened the door and walked out.

I was standing there and trying to clean off the cum and also pee so my erection would go down but it was all taking a lot longer than I wanted. Finally done and my cock only half hard but packed away I walked out the door and headed to my table. Yessika was gone! Her table was empty.

We did another hour or so of shopping in that same mall and then headed back to our hotel. I was more than relaxed after shooting that load but I was also bummed I had not seen Yessika since then. She was so hot and I was so horny to have more happen. That night I searched the escort ads locally but could not find her. In fact, I search every day after hoping and even if I had to pay her it would be worth it. But nothing.

The day we left I took one last look at the escort ads. There I was sitting at the air-side about to board and I find an ad for her and I got her phone number. I messaged right away and she replied. We have plans to meet the next time I come. It will be six long months but at least I will finally have some of that amazing ass and I already promised her mine if she wants it.