Just sharing some of my favorite TS women with you.

For sheer beauty and elegance, from South of the border, Ingrid Moreira. Sparkling eyes and a smile that lights up a room, not to mention a smoking hot body and possibly the finest ass on the planet. A face sitting dream come true.

Another sultry babe from down there, Bianca Hills. Beautiful, very sexy, incredible figure, gorgeous ass.

Two with good looks and bodies that are absolute playgrounds for a man are Carol Delavega and the amazing Zalome. After enjoying their lovely big tits for hours, either (or both) could wrap their thighs around my head and give me a massage.

This brings us to the lovely Angeles Cid. Perfect girlfriend material. Beautiful and sexy, a doll to walk around with and take out and an erotic, sexual partner at home. The girlfriend you never wanted to lose. If the photo she posted here with her lying down and the view is looking down her body from her head doesn't make you want to eat her up, nothing will.

One I wish to mention goes by the name is Rosa XXL. She has long curly light brown hair, big tits, and a huge gorgeous cock with big balls. Some say its all photoshopped. I don't know. Wish somebody knew the facts.

From the darker side of beauty, ****** Couture. Super cute looks with an addictive smile and a beyond super cute little ass. She also has some fine tits and a nice size cock with some very nicely hanging balls.

The very beautiful and sultry look of Kourtney Dash is not to be passed up. She has a lot to offer in such a small package. Delicious thighs, hips and ass. A shape that will make your cock hard and a very big beautiful cock. Lovely!!

Finally, one it took me a while to warm up to is Natalia Coxx. Beautiful eyes and smile. BIG perfect tits. Legs and ass to die for. One photo of her is in a set called Casting Couch" where she is lying face down with her right foot touching the floor. Her thigh meat and ass cheeks are so perfectly delicious that its hard to describe.

Other highly mentionable beauties are Hillary Mezquita and Safira Gam.

What do you think?