Knee high leather boots.

This is a little story about a girl I saw not long ago wearing Knee high leather boots. I was on a business trip and had a layover ( jijij really ) at a very large international airport. I had to wait almost 4 hours for my next flight and I was not overly happy. However the airline had a great executive lounge and I was able to use it for free.

So as we deplaned I was getting my things and kept noticing this flash of red between the other passenger. At first I thought it was a reflection. Then I kind of thought it might be a warning light of something. However I was finally able to see a bit more as the crowd parted and I realized I was seeing a very long white and red skirt on a woman. It was the flowing kind and very nice. She was leaned into her row of seats and I could more or less make out her ass sticking up. But the one thing that caught my eye for sure was the shape of the high heels she had on. It was more or less a stiletto heel and very hot in red!

Once out of the airplane I walked towards the departure area and asked an attendant about the lounge. She was a very pretty blonde girl and it looked like she had quite the set of big tits on her. She smiled really big and said that she would be happy to personally take me there as she was heading in that direction anyway. I agreed and we set off. The airport was loud and quite busy and I could hear all sorts of sounds and see people everywhere. But one sound kept grabbing my attention. It was a very high pitched tink tink sound and it was somewhere behind me. However, looking back I did not see anything that could be making that sound.

When we finally arrived at the lounge, Heather, the pretty blonde girl handed me her card. She said if I needed anything else or if I found myself returning to the airport that she would be more than happy to help me. She then leaned in to push the elevator call button and very nicely pushed her big tits against my arm. Then quickly walked away.

As I waited for the elevator, my mind flashed to two different things. First was the shape of the high heels that the woman on the airplane was wearing. And second was the feeling of Heathers big tits on my arm. I was even starting to think about seeing Heather wearing red high heels and wondering how she would look naked. But I was shaken from this thought when someone said. The door is open. Are you ok? I realized I was standing in the middle of the door of the elevator entrance and blocking those behind me. I muttered pardon me over my shoulder and stepped inside and pulled my carry on up to my legs. When I looked up I was looking at the person who had spoken to me and also at the most exotic face I had ever seen. But what really caught my attention was the open blouse with the biggest firmest tits I had ever seen and that red and white skirt. It was the girl from my previous flight. She smiled and said, “Lounge level please”.

Being the nice guy that I am I held the door for her as she walked into the elevator and then I pushed the button. Once the doors opened on the lounge level I gestured that she should go first and again I held the door open. Being the hunter that I am I watched as she walked away pulling along her bag. I took my time so I could admire the swing of her hips and also the look of her long black hair as it cascaded down her back. How it would swing side to side as she moved and how her hips looked. And then I realized that the sound I had heard before was her high heels on the floor.

We waited in line for about 5 minutes before she stepped up to the desk. She presented her ID and her Lounge card. It only took a few minutes and she was starting to move away. The girl that was helping me looked up and said. “I’m sorry sir but this card does not give you access to this lounge in this airport. You will have to go and wait at the air side or one of the restaurants”. I was a bit crestfallen but figured I would make it work no matter what. What choice did I have.

Just as I reached for my bag I heard the woman in red say. Please just add him to my account. He can be my guest today so he does not have to wait out there. She then spun and walked into the lounge while the girl at the desk registered me. I asked. “Can you please tell me the young lady's first name so that I can say thank you?” “Sure its Barbara and she is a regular here. I’m sure she will be happy to hear your thanks”. I noted that the girl at the desk was more or less emphasizing the word she and her but It did not really click at the time. The only click I was hearing was the woman's heels receding into the lounge.

It took me a few more minutes to get though the doors and inside but once I did I was impressed but also a bit dismayed at the same time. This place was huge. It easily had 200 people and for the life of me. I could not find the woman in the red and white skirt. She had vanished.

After looking around a few minutes I found a recliner with a box to put my carry on in and it had a built in lock. I put in my bag, grabbed the key and walked to the food and refreshment area. Once I had a tray and a few little pastries I grabbed a glass of wine and headed back to my recliner. I guess I spent the next 15 to 20 minutes trying to relax and eat. Finally I decided to kick back and take a little nap. Once my eyes were closed I just tried to relax. But this place was a bit noisy. After trying several different positions on the recliner I decided to give up and just sit there and work.

I was just about to take out my laptop when a door in front of me opened and the woman Barbara in the red and white dressed walked out. She shut the door and locked it. She must have noticed that I was watching as she locked it. She turned back to me and smiled and said. “Did you give up trying to sleep out here? Its quite loud.”And then she headed to get something to snack on herself.

I adjusted myself in my chair and sat watching as others came and went. There were a lot of people. Mostly business men like myself but a few women that seemed to be single and traveling for work and or pleasure. With only one family there were no **** running around. But it was still quite loud in the area.

Right as I decided again to grab my computer I noted out of the corner of my eye that Barbara was walking back and she had a tray in her hands. She smiled at me and asked if I would open the door for her. I jumped out of my chair and did exactly that. While opening it I said. “By the way. I wanted to thank you for allowing me in. I really did not want to sit out there waiting for 4 hours. I really appreciate it.” She looked me in the eyes and replied. “It’s ok. I love attractive men, so go grab your things and come and share my private room.” I stepped to the side and allowed her to enter and then I eased the door shut. Figuring. What the hell. Maybe this lay over would be better than the last.

Once in the room I noted that there were two double size recliners. And they both there the kind that once laid all the way back they locked into place creating a bed. There was also a sofa and a tv among other things. Barbara was sitting on the recliner next to the table with her food and drink. I saw that she had already consumed at least two glasses of wine. She smiled and waved me and and motioned for me to sit. Which I did and I began to utter another thank you. She waved it way and smiled. Taking another sip of her wine she looked at me and noticed I was staring at her heels that were just visible under her skirt. “Do you like my heels?”she asked. I told her I did very much and that I would like to see the rest of the shoe. She looked at me for a moment longer and said, “Ok but I need to tell you a couple of things first.”

Barbara got up and walked into the center of the room. Standing in front of me, I could admire her very big and firm tits sticking out. As well as the heels peeking out under her skirt. “From the look in your eyes and on your face, I am guessing that you like what you see?” “Of course I responded, you are beautiful”. Barbara then turned in a circle and spun her skirt out and for the first time I could see that her heels were not just heels but they were knee high leather boots. And that was hot. After she stopped turning, she smiled. Then said. “I am a trans girl and I have my cock. Its rather large and I love it do certain things with it. But I am also about 90% passive. Do you know what that means?’’ I smiled as I stood up, took my carry on by the handle and all while watching her face. It seemed to fall at first as I moved the bag. Then she realized I was only moving it out of the way.

I walked over in front of Barbara and leaned in and kissed her. Her tongue found my and began to caress it. Moving our lips across each others and our tongues gliding in and out of each others mouths. I slowly turned her around and then with my hands on her shoulders I moved her into place right in front of her chair. Then with gentle pressure on her shoulders I began to push her down into a sitting position all the while we continued to kiss. I could hear her breath as it increased in pressure and tempo. I could feel those big round tits as they heaved against my chest. And I could also feel her hands as they roved over my body and were stretching and reaching for my cock.

As I sat her down I slowly began to kneel down myself. As I did I licked down her neck and onto her shoulders. Then down between her big tits and all the way down until I hit her blouse again. Then I took her feet in my hands and spread them as far apart as I could. Her long skirt was still covering her lets so I slowly began to lift that up. Buy this time I was staring into her eyes as I was on my knees in front of her.

Once her skirt was up past her knees I could see a few things that excited me to the point of a throbbing erection. The first thing I saw was that her high heels were in deed Knee High Leather boots. And those Red Knee high leather boots were the kind that had lace strings up the back from just above the heel all the way to the top. The next thing I noticed that helped with my erection was her very sexy white and semi transparent panties. And just below the transparent material I could see her throbbing trans girl cock. And as she had said. She had at least 9.8 inches of cock laying there and literally throbbing.

I leaned my head in and ran my lips over the top of her panties. All the while I had my hands going up and down her legs and her knee high leather boots. Feeling the ties in the back as well as the leather as it caressed my palms and made them sensitive.

Finally I reached up and took her panties off. Sliding them down over her boots and onto the floor. I then leaned in and with one hand took her big trans girl cock and pulled it up. It was so stiff and hard that it resisted me pulling it forward. As I did I could feel Barbara get her self more into a sitting position. I planted a soft kiss on the head of her cock and listened to her moan in pleasure. Then I ran my tongue around the head and then plunged it deep into my throat. Taking it has had and fast as I could.

My head was going up and down fast. I had my jaw in a locked open position and my lips were firmly clamped on her rod. Up and down and in and out faster and faster. She started thrusting her hips up and down and I could feel the head of her cock slamming into the back of my throat and then curving to slide down and deeper as deep as it could go. Finally, when I could feel her body tensing up and just as she was about to cum, I pulled my head away and watched her hot creamy load shoot up into the air and splash down on her boots and all over the carpet. With a sigh she shuddered and turned her head to the side.

I climbed up on the chair next to her and continued to gently stroke her cock and milk her until there was no cum left inside her long shaft. Then she rolled her head to my shoulder and snuggled down and began to relax. I knew she would fall asleep soon and she did.

With that I left my business card on the table and took my things and ran to meet my next flight. That memory of her, the big round tits, the big throbbing trans girl cock and the Knee high leather boots has never left my mind.

She never called but I hope to see her again in the near future at the airport!