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Thread: is aooficially launched.

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    934 is aooficially launched.

    If you have not seen this beauty you are going to want to as soon as you can.

    Not only sexy but with one of the biggest dicks I have ever seen!
    Mariana Cordoba Or is her site URL

    I will post photos of her in a few min

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    Hope you like these photos of Mariana Cordoba. She is one of the hottest Shemales that we have found, and she has even done some Italian porn movies!

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    Hot Stuff!!

    Mariana is one hot Argentinian! She looks much better now as a brunette rather than a blonde. I think I am going to join her site.

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    I am one who was always left a little sad due to the lack of coverage on this beauty. I always thought there was not nearly enough of her on the web. And so I was sooooo excited when i heard she had a site that I joined in a matter of seconds. Although her site is just starting off it is coming along quickly and she is posting new pics/vids twice a week. She is also very attentive to her fans requests and has been posting her thoughts on all the requests coming through. I love that!!! Anyway, so far I am very satisfied and can't imagine canceling my membership any time soon.

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    Ana Mancini
    Great to hear Warner.. and I will make sure that she see's this post.

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    That would be cool Ana. Thanks.

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    I a huge fan of Mariana Cordoba.... she is sooo sexy... and that Tranny cock... WHOA.... it big.... realllllllllllll big...

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    I just joined her site. Mariana is one of my favorites. I was torn between joing Mariana or Ana's site. Unfortunately I couldn't do both. I do like that you get access to some of the other girls videos though.

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    Mariana Cordoba
    Hack. Thanks for joining and I am glad you like the site. Lots more to come and we are working on some extras of wach girl.

    Lots more girls to come as well.


    M C.

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    J In Missouri
    I just joined Miss Mariana's site, and can't see where to download videos. All I see is streaming. Can anyone help me?

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    Hola Mariana, espero estes bien mi amor!! Por casualidad algunas vez tendras pensado ir a Venezuela? De ser así, me gustaria saberlo!! Muchas gracias y un besote amor!!

    Tu fan #01 de Venezuela!!!

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    i just joined mariana's site and love it!!! one thing though. when i watch her videos with real player, the little tab that says download comes up. i click it and it says unable to download, how can i download her vids?

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    Hoping Mariana realizes how completely gorgeous she is. Yes, her body drives us nuts… but I'd love to see just her in the bathroom putting on makeup, or have a video or two of her dressed to the nines and showing off her beauty and glamour. She's such a drop-dead beautiful tg woman… such an inspiration to those of us wishing our appearance were as hers.

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